Iconic Moments in Black Music: ”Shady Ladies”


BOX HOUSE by 1:1 arquitetura:design:

Box house is a conceptual project that experiments with a new way to occupation of the space and form. The volume was created as a concrete box, with enough personality and the entries of the box are marked with a rusty steel form.


Casa M by Edfan

M House was conceived as a weekend house for a family. This project was carried out in a single plant. All the walls were done in exposed concrete, as well as the interior ceiling. Inside and on the gallery floors were done in white smooth concrete.


Museums Connecting Through Design curated by fjtm

"The public buildings are important and significant in a city which is dominated by private interests. The architecture and design of museums and galleries is a key example of public buildings which inherently reflect and express something about society’s aspirations. We are attracted to designing museums and galleries as they are an integral part of representing the ‘cultural aspects’ of the city."

Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp


Overlooking the Sea curated by Fran Silvestre

”Each project must be understood as a new form of experimentation in which the best is still to come. When you design a house along the coast or on a mountain, the most important part of the process is the dialogue. The house is designed for a specific client and the creative process of the house is part of the knowledge gained through a dialogue with their concerns and desires. The home is meant to become part of their identity and should end up being a reflection of themselves.”

By Fran Silvestre, Founder Fran Silvestre Architects

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